Who We Are

Our story begins with Emanuele Mascherpa, son of Pietro Mascherpa (1848-1922) and Rosa Sogni Mascherpa (1854-1917), who were the custodians of the Chiaravalle Milanese Abbey. Emanuele brother Angelo Mascherpa, at the beginning of the century, was the founder of the “Good Press”, first and historic organ of the italian catholic press.
Emanuele married Margherita Civaschi (11.05.1877 – 12.20.1948) in the Church of St. Joachim in Milan.
In 1904, he founded the company Emanuele Mascherpa S.p.A., active at that time in the sector of tooling and machine tools.
The children of Emanuele, Edgardo Mascherpa (07/07/1900 – 01/06/1965), Italo Mascherpa (11.27.1902 – 17.09.1978) and Antonio Mascherpa (03/24/1908 – 07/04 / 2001), have afterwards skillfully developed their father’s company.

Emanuele and his wife Margherita were benefactors: starting with the donation of  two kindergartens: in Montano (Como) and  in Portichetto (Como), they contributed to the building of the Church of Montano in 1950, including the donation of the Cross, a work of Val Gardena, renown for wooden arts, and some statues. In that occasion, Emanuele Mascherpa organized a raffle to raise additional funds for the construction of the Church, managing to collect a million lira (quite a lot n 1950). Other activities were concretely putted in place in the course of the following years

Emanuele died in Salò 09.08.1960.

Alberto Mascherpa (02/05/1924 – 25/03/2005), only son of Edgardo, was the Emanuele Mascherpa Company President contributing to the continued growth and diversification in chemistry.
Today’s in Emanuele Mascherpa S.p.A. is working Italo’s son Luciano (19/01/1944), President, and the sons of Alberto: Stefano (08/11/1959) and Lorenzo (10.12.1965) together with the daughter of Luciano: Cristina (06/29/1967).

The family and the company Emanuele Mascherpa Spa strongly wanted to form the Alberto Mascherpa Foundation, non-profit organization, to continue and strengthen their tradition in social activities.

The foundation is operating since 2008.

Alberto Mascherpa

02/05/1924 – 25/03/2005